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The Chrysocolla Pendant in Silver

The Chrysocolla Pendant in Silver

The Chrysocolla Necklace is the perfect piece to complement a modern or simple style, and the bonus is that it can also increase your self-confidence as it is a wonderful stone with many virtues! The chain and the pendant are in 925 silver, it is sure to become one of your favorite jewelry. So take a look at this elegant necklace that will suit you perfectly.

Benefits of Chrysocolla:
It is a stone of communication because it promotes tolerant dialogue and facilitates the understanding of others, which makes it a very good choice worn on the neck, where the throat chakra sits.
From a physical point of view it helps fight against all sore throats!

Note: It is a fairly popular stone and its price therefore increases from year to year, wishing to present it to you at a lower cost, we have chosen to sell only the pendant.

For all orders, receive a gift and an explanatory sheet of the methods of purification and recharging of the stones you choose.

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