Collection: Remote Usui Reiki Session

Immerse yourself in a profound experience of healing and well-being through Reiki.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy practice that promotes harmony and holistic healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual body.
During your Reiki session, you will be looked after by Chloé, a qualified, experienced and passionate practitioner, who will use her soft and caring hands to channel universal energy into your body, mind and soul.

Each experience is unique, but Reiki has the power to reconnect you to your true essence, promoting a feeling of wholeness and overall well-being.

For remote sessions it is recommended to relax, make yourself comfortable, do nothing and not succumb to television or the telephone, take time for yourself, breathe, meditate or practice an activity that relaxes you and soothes you.

Before the session, you will need to send a recent photo of yourself, your first name and your date of birth.

After your reservation is made, I will send you a WhatsApp message or call you to arrange an appointment.

[The session lasts approximately 45 minutes] you are invited to read our article entitled: The benefits of Reiki in order to discover all the dimensions of the field of action of Reiki.