Collection: Energy lithotherapy session

Take care of yourself in all dimensions of your being, by treating yourself to a Lithotherapy session of approximately one hour to rebalance or harmonize your chakras or work on key points.

I come to your home to offer you a moment of relaxation, and reconnection with yourself through the energies of the stones within a radius of 30 to 40km around Provins.
It is also possible to provide remote treatment for this I will need your photo, name, first name and date of birth, the session can be done on Zoom.
It is an energetic well-being session that will give you a lot of good and relaxation.

It is a time to work on your 3 bodies: Physical, Astral and Causal and on the 4 planes of our being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and spiritual.

Note: Make sure to reserve a small, calm and quiet space for us at your home for the duration of the session. I will take care of bringing back the treatment table and all the equipment that will be necessary for me, if certain smells of incense do not bother you. Don't hesitate to send me a quick email to let me know.

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