Refund Policy

The stones

The stones

Should we purify and recharge the stones when we receive them?

We take the time necessary to purify and recharge your stones
upon receipt of these and before sending them to you, however I advise you to do so

your side in order to familiarize yourself with these purification and recharging methods. In fact, this will allow you to discharge the energies potentially accumulated on your stones and to have a first approach with them.

How should I purify and recharge my stone?

We send in your package the method most conducive to the
purification and recharging of your stone, you can find
also an article in our blog on this subject.

Link to the article in question

How often should I purify and recharge my stones?

In my opinion, I advise you to purify and recharge your stones before
each use and if possible afterwards. Large stones staying in your home often need it less but it remains essential.

I have some stones in my possession whose names I do not know. Can I send you a photo to find out their names?

Unfortunately no, there are many criteria to take into account to identify a
stone and, only a certified gemologist with the necessary equipment
can do it. Some stones are recognizable at sight but
for others it is necessary to carry out in-depth tests.

How should I store my stones?

There are stones that will fit perfectly in your home
in your living room or bedroom due to their sizes (think about
avoid the bathroom). For small stones or those you
do not use at the moment, I advise you to keep them stored away from light and if possible to arrange them by color, resonance and

How to choose a stone?

You can choose it for the virtues it offers or simply by
feelings: a stone that attracts you is often a very good choice
for you. Furthermore, a stone which does not attract you
everything or who even bothers you could just as much
serve you well, you probably need it too ;)

How do I use my stones?

You can carry it with you, sleep with it, but the best is still
to experience your feelings in meditation with. Follow your
intuition and your desires.

How to choose a stone to offer?

Think about the person to whom you want to give this stone, let
guide yourself by your feelings or choose the stone according to
its benefits.

I just got myself a box set, how can I make it my own?

To familiarize yourself with your box, first start by purifying and recharging each of your stones to establish an initial link. Then start by feeling and
experiment with each stone, then it is possible to work with all the stones.

Can I give a box to someone without them knowing?

Yes, the first solution that we consider to be the best solution is to have it delivered to your home and bring it with your own hands. Otherwise, when shipping, provide the address of the person concerned and keep your email so that they do not know that a package is arriving.

Orders and shipments

How do I know that my order has been taken into account by your services?

You will receive an order confirmation email shortly after the
validation of your purchase

How do I choose my relay point?

To choose your relay point, you must follow the steps on the payment page, pay for your basket and only then can you choose your relay point without worries.

How do I know if my order has been shipped?

An email will be sent to you including your order number, with
a tracking number. If unfortunately the email is not found in your

inbox make sure to monitor your spam if applicable send us an email via the contact form

Which country do you deliver to?

For the moment we only deliver to mainland France, if you ever wish to place an order from another country please send an email so that we can offer you a solution via the contact form

When will my order be prepared/shipped?

Your order will be prepared and shipped within 72 hours a day
working hours max, during bridges or public holidays it may take a little
more time but we do everything we can to ensure that you receive
your order as soon as possible for you.

I would like to make a change to my order, what should I do?

You can make a modification up to 48 hours after your order, if you have not yet received the order confirmation email please
send us a short email with the number of your order or the
if applicable, your first and last name in order to find your order.


Why is my promo code not working?

Your promo code may not work for several reasons:
- It had an expiration date and you have exceeded it.
- You may have already used it and it was only valid once.
- You do not meet the conditions to benefit from the advantages of the promo code

How do I use my promo code?

Once all your items have been added to the basket, you can proceed to payment. On the payment page there will be a space to enter your promo code.