The benefits of Lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is an unconventional, so-called natural medicine which is based on the imposition of stones on the body. Ancient for millennia across many countries and cultures, its name is quite recent thanks to the resurgence of popularity and its current use.

Lithotherapy was known to all civilizations and even the most ancient, it has recently experienced a renewed value and recognition to our greatest satisfaction without having given rise to scientific investigation.

Lithotherapy provides help and relief to the physical and mental body as well as to the energetic bodies. It therefore acts on different levels of our being in order to make the most of its effects.

The stones resonate with our different chakras (energy centers) in order to transmit their energies and help us through the mental, physical, psychic, emotional or vibrational healing path. They emit energetic vibrations that our being is capable of receiving.

Moreover, Lithotherapy can also be used on animals and plants.

Lithotherapy is in no way a substitute for medical treatment. It is obvious that Lithotherapy can and must enter into symbiosis with traditional medicines and not in opposition.

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